गांधी शोध केन्द्र (Gandhi Shodh Kendra)


Champaran has been the workplace of M K Gandhi; made him Mahatma. Everybody knows that Gandhi had started his experiment of Satyagrah here only first ever in the country and received vast attention for his contemporary fellows along with colonial masters. This land exposed his hidden capacity to lead national movement well and he adopted this place as an open experimental lab. In this regards Mahatma Gandhi Central University, Motihari establishes a “Centre for Gandhian Research” to promote research on thoughts and philosophy of Mahatma on the national and international level. Centre seeks to explore unexplored Gandhi and his legacies in Champaran.


Centre has been established to research Gandhian ideas and practices. Centre has the following objectives:

  • To promote research on Gandhi’s legacies in Champaran.
  • To undertake research on Gandhi’s thoughts and philosophy.
  • To undertake research on Gandhi’s work across the world.
  • To explore the unexplored Gandhi’s work in Champaran as well as in Bihar.
  • To develop a Gandhian framework for inclusive development of the local community.
  • To develop a Gandhian methodological perspective for doing social research.
  • To develop a Gandhian framework in understanding local, regional and international conflicts.
  • To develop a Gandhian policy framework for sustainable development and peace.


Mahatma Gandhi is the most accepted individual worldwide in the 21 st century and global intellectuals and organizations accept that the idea of lasting peace can be only achieved by following the path of Mahatma Gandhi. Hence, there are many scopes for the centre to do research on Mahatma Gandhi's thoughts and legacies. Initially, the centre may focus on the following areas:

  • With the growth of liberalization and consumerism the Cartesian division (duality of mind and body) massively growing in the society. Gandhian philosophy has the potential to bridge the gap.
  • Suddenly society went violent these days. Many unseen/structural forms of violence are being identified. These are destroying our society dangerously. Centre may undertake these issues under consideration for research.
  • Conflicts within communities and conflict between different communities/stakeholders and the state are on rampant. New-liberal attempts to manage these conflicts have been failed widely. Gandhian philosophy might be useful in this regard. Centre may work in this perspective.
  • As per New Education Policy 2020, the centre has great scope in interdisciplinary research with various disciplines such as Political Science, Gandhian and Peace Studies, Economics, Sociology, Social Work, Community Health and Medicine, Yoga, etc.
  • The world is looking towards Gandhi's philosophy of Swadeshi and Self-reliance, especially after the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19. Our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has also given the slogan in support of the local (Vocal for local). Centre has a wide scope in this perspective and may work for policy suggestions.
  • Apart from these scopes centre may add new areas and aspects as per the requirement of the time.

Academic Activities

Centre will perform the following academic activities:

  • Centre will conduct international, national and regional level seminars, conferences and symposiums.
  • Centre will organize distinguished lectures of eminent scholars and Gandhian activists from India and abroad.
  • Centre may initiate certificate or diploma courses on Gandhian thoughts in future.
  • Centre will promote Gandhian thoughts on the national and international level through various academic activities such as Quiz competition, Essay competition, and Poster competition etc.
  • Centre will attempt to engage with the local community by its academic activities like excursion and street theatre.
  • Centre may initiate an internship type programme on Gandhian thought.
  • Centre will attempt to enlighten the local mass on various teachings of Gandhi such as sanitation, Prohibition of Alcohol and untouchability etc.

Research Activities

Centre will perform the following research activities:

  • Centre will primarily promote research on Gandhi’s legacies in Champaran.
  • Centre will undertake the research on Gandhi’s thoughts, philosophy and his work.
  • Centre will attempt to initiate research projects.
  • Centre will attempt to receive minor/major projects from different funding agencies.
  • Centre will publish research monographs on Gandhi.
  • Centre will try to bring out a research journal.
  • Centre may introduce fellowship to carry out individual research on Gandhi in future.
  • Centre will attempt to collaborate with other centres or universities in the country and abroad to enhance the research in said area.
  • Since the centre is multidisciplinary in nature, those candidates who didn't get admission in subjects such as Political Science, Gandhian and Peace Studies, Sociology, Social Work, Education and Economics for the PhD programme and wish to join the PhD programme may join (if the competent authority of the university allows) the centre on self-finance basis and without University fellowship (if seats are available). In the case of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) awarded by the University Grant Commission (UGC) candidate may eligible for the fellowship.
  • Centre may invite application for PhD programme.

Initial One Year Plan

Centre will attempt to meet the following goal in the initial one year of the establishment:

  • Centre will attempt to organize a national or international level seminar (Possibly online).
  • Centre will attempt to organize a one week workshop on Gandhian Thoughts and his legacies, particularly in Champaran.
  • Centre will attempt to bring an edited monograph on Mahatma Gandhi.
  • The centre coordinator will attempt to bring a minor/major research project.