Mahatma Gandhi Central University Journal of Social Sciences (MGCUJSS): A biannual, double-blind peer-reviewed Journal which aims to publish articles written in English that study with scientific rigour and academic zeal any aspect pertaining to human society. Theoretical, explorative or empirical works on either traditional or contemporary issues are welcome. Book reviews of interest to the journal’s readership will also be accepted.

The Journal welcomes articles pertaining to, but is not limited to, the following disciplines viz Applied Social Sciences, Commerce, Economics, Education, Gender Studies, Geography, History, Literary Studies, Management Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology.

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Mahatma Gandhi Central University Journal of Social Sciences
Volume I, Issue 1, April - September, 2019

Inaugural Issue


  1. The Humanities, the Idea of a University, and a Bit of Higher Education Plain Speak

    Jibu Mathew George

  2. Exploring Gaps in the Professional Preparation of Rural Teachers in Bihar

    Chandan Shrivastava

  3. Secondary School Students’ Misconceptions in Algebra Concepts

    Chandra Tiwari & Roohi Fatima

  4. Transformation and Significance of Sanskrit (Tatsama) Words

    Bipin Kumar Jha

  5. Sardar Patel’s Vision of the Contemporary World: Ideas on Geopolitical Environment

    Nishu Sharma & Rajeev Kumar

  6. Tracing the Cultural Tradition of Jangalmahal through Bandna Parab and Jawa-Karam Parab

    Shaktipada Kumar

  7. Revisiting Gender Historiography in the Specific Context of Shudraka’s Mrcchakatika

    Kaluram Palsaniya

  8. Dimensions of Federalism in Developing Countries: A Comparative Analysis of India and Ethiopia (1991-2017)

    Kshipra Vasudeo

  9. Internship Practices in the Hospitality Sector (India): A Career Benefit or Precarious Experience

    Pralay Ganguli

  10. Using Superheroes in Art Therapy through Counselling for Adolescent Boys in Conflict with Law: Illustrations from Juvenile Home in Ernakulam, Kerala

    Reena Merin Cherian

Journal of Social Sciences - Volume I, Number 2, Oct. 2019 - March, 2020