School of Education

About School

Sā Vidyā Yā Vimuktaye (सा विद्या या विमुक्तये) having this Sanskrit shloka in context, School of Education came into existence in May, 2019. Presently School of Education is offering M.A. in Education, M.Phil in Education and Ph.D in Education programme from the academic year 2019- 20 under Department of Educational Studies having academically rich and experienced faculty members. The School of Education attempts to bridge the gap between the curriculum & pedagogy, theory & practice and policy perspective between the school and higher education institutions and therefore it has a plan of expansion by opening different programmes on Teacher Education; Education Policy & Planning; Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment etc. In recent times, teacher education has been looked at as one of the most important areas of thrust, worldwide, with this awareness and recognizing the challenges and need of teacher education in the country, the School of Education aims at imparting latest & best teacher education and accordingly, the curriculum of all the proposed courses are under formulation. We are aiming to make the School of Education as one of the destinations for teacher education in the country with fully equipped research facilities and pre-service & in-service teacher education programmes.